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5 Best Things about St. Patrick’s Day for the Irish

This year I want to highlight the five best things about St. Patrick's Day for the Irish. First off, it's a national holiday so most people get the day off work unless of course you work in hospitality in which case you work twice as hard as an average day!...


Top 10 things about being an Irish tour guide

Whilst we don't celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in Ireland, there is a lot to be thankful for being a tour-guide in Ireland. Here's my top 10: Breathtaking Landscapes: As a tour guide in Ireland, I get to explore and share the beauty of the country's stunning...

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DIRT Ireland

Absolutely loved this series of DIRT highlighting the island of Ireland’s outdoor adventure experiences, food and drink, as well as Ireland's rich culture. The travel series of DIRT followed host Josh Rosen as he tours around Ireland from West Cork to Belfast for...


Springtime in Ireland

Spring in Ireland begins today on the 1st of March and continues until the end of May. It is a time when animals and plants begin to wake up from the long winter. Luckily for me, Winter was not too long as I spent 4 weeks of January in the Southern Hemisphere. I...


Happy International Women’s Day

The most famous Irish women of all time have achieved great things and have had a significant influence across the world. There’s too many to mention but here’s a few from the political, sporting and musical world that I respect as a female. Political: Countess...

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Happy Samhain

Halloween originated in Ireland as the Celtic festival of Samhain. So many Halloween traditions are Irish because Samhain was seen as the end of summer but also the beginning of another year. It was also the one day of the year when spirits could walk the earth....


World Animal Day.

The BEARS are BACK! Thousands of years ago, Ireland was covered in a thick blanket of forest. Today, due to industry and deforestation, this area of woodland has reduced massively, as have the animals that once inhabited it.  However you can still see a glimpse of...


Summer Staycations

All the things we have missed the most are possible again this Summer - travel, friends, eating and drinking out, having the craic. Are we all raring for all of those things?? Put them all together and you've got the perfect recipe for a group staycation. Get 10...

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A Christmas Childhood

This is a lovely Christmas combo, Patrick Kavanagh's "A Christmas Childhood" looks back to the winters of his childhood in the early 1900's. The poem is full of nostalgia for rural family life on the farm in Co Monaghan. The poem is followed by Christy O'Leary...