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What Clothes to Pack for Ireland? Advice For Visiting in Any Month

Sep 26, 2018 | 1 comment

What Clothes to Pack For Ireland?

Before listing out what to pack, I’ll point out that Ireland has a relatively mild climate. On average, it doesn’t get very cold or very hot. The advice for packing for Ireland can be applied to any month. With that in mind, below are a list of the essentials for your Irish vacation.

  • Layers – If there’s one piece of advice to take away for here, it’s to bring layers. With layers of clothing, you can add more or remove them. Depending on what the Irish weather decides to serve up! Long sleeve tops, warm sweaters and a small jacket work best.
  • Trousers/ pants – Jeans are pretty standard in Ireland and can be used for walking around town or going for drinks in a fancy bar. You might want to consider bringing some kind of quick drying trousers, made of a synthetic material ideally. Just in case you encounter a lot of rain. Dry pants can be an option too if you plan on being outside a lot. The dry pants also work like the layers and can be removed when the shower passes.    
  • A rain jacket – This can be anything from a Mac in a Sac to a Gortex rain jacket. Thankfully, rain showers don’t last very long in Ireland. Just in case there isn’t a pub to dive into for shelter, always have a rain jacket close at hand.
  • Walking shoes/ boots – A good pair of walking shoes or boots are a must. Ideally ones that you’ve already ‘broken in’. For walking around town and cities, leather ankle or knee-high boots will work, or just good comfortable sneakers. For those planning on a bit more off-road exploring, walking shoes or light hiking boots are a good call.
  • Hats, scarf and gloves – Similar to layers, these can be added or taken away depending on the weather. They also finish an outfit off nicely.
  • Small backpack – Maps, souvenirs or somewhere just to store your extra layers. It can make it easier to carry your essentials around with a small daypack/ backpack.
  • Socks, underwear etc. – One of those small things that can slip your mind. If you do find yourself in Ireland without a certain piece of clothing; underwear, sweaters, jacket or anything. Pennys is ideal for no-fuss affordable clothing.

what to pack for ireland

What is the Best Month for Weather in Ireland?

Ireland’s weather is very temperamental. Although, July and August are usually the best months for weather. That being said, it’s not unusual to get glorious weather in April and gale winds in August. So the best advice is to come prepared (If you follow the list above you should be fine).

What Are The Average Monthly Temperatures in Ireland?

A question we get often – usually, July and August, are on average the warmest at 16°C/ 61°F. While January and February are on average the coldest at 5°C/41°F. Although as mentioned before, these temperatures are not guaranteed. 


For more information on Ireland’s weather, visit www.holdiays-weather,com.

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