Visiting Ireland in 2019? Make Note of These Dates.

If you’re planning on visiting Ireland in 2019, you’re in for a treat. You’ll find a country that has really come into its own in the last few years. Ireland has become a melting pot of old and new. With old established traditions mixing with contemporary influences. It’s definitely an exciting time to visit.

Before you start thinking of all the amazing things you’ll uncover on your trip, it’s worth noting a few dates.

We’ve put together a list of holiday, events and average monthly temperatures to help a little with your planning.  

kayaking on the liffey in dublin

Kayaking down the Liffey in Dublin


Ireland 2019 Bank & Public Holidays

Something that can catch visitors by surprise, is Irish bank & public holiday. As these can affect the cost and availability of accommodation. Subsequently, how busy the attractions and roads will be.

Many Irish holidays fall on a Monday, and where a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday is observed as a holiday.

Below is a list of the 2019 Irish bank & public holidays:

Day Date Holiday Note
Tuesday 1st January New Years Day Many places of business closed.
Monday 18th March St Patrick’s Day Bank Holiday The day after St Patrick’s Day is a public holiday
Friday 19th April Good Friday Not a public holiday, but banks and schools will be closed, as well as some businesses
Monday 22nd April Easter Monday The first Monday after Easter
Monday 6th May May Bank Holiday First Monday in May
Monday 3rd June June Bank Holiday First Monday in June
Monday 5th August August Bank Holiday First Monday in August
Monday 28th October October Bank Holiday Monday after Halloween
Wednesday 25th December Christmas
Thursday 26th December St Stephen’s Day
Friday 27th December Bank Holiday Not a holiday, but the banks will be closed.


School Holidays Ireland 2019

For those looking to travel in the off-peak season, it’s worth noting the school holidays in Ireland. The holidays fall into: Christmas Holidays, Easter Holidays and Summer holidays, as well as two week-long Mid-Term breaks, in mid-February and late October/early November.

Start Finish School Holiday
24th December 2018 4th January Christmas Break
18th February 22nd February February Holidays (mid-term)
15th April 26th April Easter Holidays
May/June September Summer Holiday (exact dates vary by school)
28th October 1st November October Holidays (mid-term)
23rd December 3rd January Christmas Holidays


2019 All Ireland Football and Hurling Final

The All Ireland Footfall Final and the All Ireland Hurling Final are massive sporting events in Ireland. Both will be held on Sundays in late August – exact dates TBC. As a result, accommodation will be at a premium at this time. Keep an eye on the GAA website for updates.

6 Nations Rugby Fixtures 2019

Another big sporting event at the start of 2019 is the 6 Nations. There are two matches happening in Dublin, one on the 2nd February and the 10th of March. More information can be found here:

Other Festivals in Ireland

We do love a good festival in Ireland. For those looking to get in the thick of it, there’s an Irish festival for every taste. You’ll find a flavour of the festivals here at

Beautiful Irish landscape

Beautiful Irish landscape


What’s The Best Time of Year to go to Ireland?

Ireland is blessed with a mild climate. It rarely gets too cold or too hot. Although there is a good chance you’ll experience rain when visiting Ireland – so bring a rain jacket whatever the month!

Really anytime is fine to visit Ireland, however many feel that Springtime (March, April and May) and the Autumn months of September and October can be the best time to visit. As the weather is still good, and you’re avoiding the peak tourist season.

Average Temperatures Per Month in Ireland

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
°C 5 5 7 8 11 14 16 16 14 11 8 7
°F 41 41 45 46 52 57 61 61 57 52 46 45


For more information on Ireland’s weather, visit www.holdiays-weather,com.

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