Frequently Asked Questions

A list of our most frequently asked questions to make the decision easier for you!
Where does the tour start from?

The tour will start & finish in Dublin, there will be 2 pick up points in the city centre between 8.30 – 9am on the day of departure returning at approx. 6pm on the final day.

Who can travel with Brewery Hops?

Brewery Hops is open to individuals, couples, groups of friends, clubs or societies, in fact anyone who enjoys good beer and sightseeing, and is over 18 years of age!

Do Brewery Hops do airport pick-ups & drop offs?

In general no, an exception may be made if the group is traveling as a whole. If so, the tour can be custom built and an airport pick-up/drop off can be accomodated for a small charge.

Are meals included in the tour price?

Bed & Breakfast in small hotels/B&B’s are included in the tour price. Lunch & dinner are not except on the last day when we will have a delicious gourmet lunch in White Gypsy brewery. All produce including meats, cheeses, breads, salads are locally sourced within 30 miles of the brewery.

What else is included?

The tour cost includes tours & beer-tastings at 8-10 of Ireland’s leading micro-breweries . Also included is a tour of The Burren Smokehouse and the Cliffs of Moher.

How many people can go on a tour?

The tour caters for small groups with a maximum group size of 16. This ensures a personal feel to the tour and there will be lots of time for interaction. The tour is ideal for private groups of up to 16 people.  This can allow much more flexibility, so if there is something specific that people in the group want to see or do, then we can almost always arrange it.

What if I can’t go on any of the specified tour dates?

If this is the case please let us know and we will try to facilitate you. If you are a group and want to travel together on a date that’s not specified,  we can schedule in an extra date if there are enough people in your group.  If you are an individual or smaller group please contact us also as it may be possible to combine together with others in the same situation. All of the breweries we will visit are working breweries with some operating on a 9 – 5 Mon – Fri basis.  For this reason it is necessary to run the tour midweek.

What is the availability of cask ale in Ireland?

While cask ale is not as popular and available as it is in the UK, it is gaining a growing following. Unlike the UK, cask ale died out completely in Ireland and although its revival is in the early stages, it is rapidly gaining momentum. Ireland’s microbrewers are very keen to promote cask ale. Guests can anticipate cask ale some of the breweries, not guaranteed but we’ll do our best. Check out L. Mulligan Grocers pub on Manor St in Dublin before the tour for a great range of cask ale.

Will we be spending time in Dublin?

The tour will take us to the South and West of Ireland over 5 days (4 overnights). However, it is definitely a good idea to take a day or 2 in Dublin at either end of the tour. There are many museums (all free entrance) and other places of interest to see in Dublin. There are also a growing number of craft beer pubs in Dublin worth checking out, see map for recommendations. Here is a handy tool for booking your accommodation in Dublin for before and after the tour.

Where can I get further information about Brewery Hops?

You can contact me directly by email ( or phone (+ 353 86 8382996/ +353 1 5388142) with any questions or queries.

How do you make a booking?

You can contact Mia for more information on offline bookings or purchase directly from our website

What payment is accepted?
  • Euro draft cheques
  • EFT(Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Paypal – Charges apply
  • Credit Card – Charges apply
Things to do in Dublin?

Dublin Tourism is the official online tourist office for Dublin. Here you’ll find Dublin hotels and other accomodation options. You’ll also find visitor information on a range of topics such as events, tours, museums and galleries, restaurants and pubs.

Getting to Dublin
Buses / Taxi

There are plenty of buses and taxis from the airport to Dublin city centre that take approx. 30mins There are also airport direct buses and local Dublin buses servicing the city centre from Dublin airport.